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Italian GUCHI International ring Limited company in 1998 established in the European Italys Florence, the group dedicated imperial family serves as a tool the product: Has the clothing, the box package, the decoration building materials gummy imperial and so on.WTO globalization GUCHI2014 enters in Shanghai from the trade area, devotes to make for the mainland, the star class hotel, the high-quality villa, the luxurious imperial dwelling provides: The European five-star mold proofing rubber, the structure rubber, bear the period of five days rubber, send the foam rubber, exempt the nail rubber...

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From the shelter to the aesthetic significance, building is increasingly accurate grinding, slush, a record of the history of three-dimensional scroll. In order to pursue the circulation of the inside and outside space of the building and integration and the advent of new materials to human building art more dazzling, Italy solid Chi International Group Co., Ltd. is engaged in R & D and application of new chemical materials to promote the success of the rapid development of the building materials industry.If the core competence defined as rooted to a combination of knowledge, skill and exp...



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